Solaworx Australia

Inverters are a fundamentally important component in a solar power system. They convert the DC power created by solar modules (panels) into useable 240V AC power.

In domestic and commercial systems we utilise two different types of inverters depending on your choices and our recommendations based on site specifics such as tree shading, potential for module soiling etc.

String inverters - the type you are probably most familiar with - where an inverter is typically mounted on a wall out of direct sunshine and nearby to a meter box.

Micro inverters where each solar module has its own individual tiny inverter mounted under each module on the roof.

Typically when we prepare initial quotes we create four using our favourite inverters based on our extensive experience of quality and value. These inverter brands are:

Economy systems - Zeversolar

Classic systems - Fronius

Premium systems - Enphase (micro inverters) and SolarEdge (optimised modules)

If you have another preference we are happy to supply a system using one of the other alternatives in the selection bar above.